Topock66 is becoming known as the home of some of the best food to be found on the River. The reason for that is simple… Homemade Food using only the freshest ingredients.

According to Topock66 General Manager Chip Venezio, “Almost every single item on our menu is made from scratch right here in our kitchen. None of our meats are frozen and all of our ingredients are the freshest available. The end result is the best food served anywhere.”

The secret to many of the delicious dishes served at Topock66 is the massive (750 pounds per day) smoker located right outside our front doors. Pulled Pork, Tri-Tip, Prime Rib, Whole Chickens, Chicken Wings and Turkey all start off being slow cooked in the smoker. Because some of the meats smoke for up to 16 hours, you can understand why the smoker is running 24/7.

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