“If we don’t have it, you don’t need it.” That’s the tounge-in-cheek motto of the Topock66 RiverStore and it isn’t far from the truth. Many of our long-time guests remember the “Mall” at the old Topock Marina. Well, the new RiverStore is the “Mall” on steroids. Everything  that you might need for your River weekend is available in the 2-story shop.

“Because of our  location  on Route 66 and the amount of travelers we get who are touring the route,” explains RiverStore Manager Denise Darling, “we feature a whole section of Route 66 gifts and memorabilia. We’ve visited other gift shops on the Route, and I think we have some of the more unique and different items available.”

In addition to the Route 66 merchandise, the store also carries an assortment of snacks, soda, water and beer as well as other munchies to throw in the cooler for a day on the River.

Of course, what the RiverStore is really known for is clothing and accessories. Tina, Denise and Dave travel to all of the major clothing shows and meet with representatives from all sorts of lines to bring unique and trendy clothing to the RiverStore. An in-house Art Department designs many of our Women’s tops and all of our Men’s shirts to ensure that much of the clothing available at Topock66 will not be found in shops up and down the River.

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